Class Levels

Please contact us with any questions about your child's appropriate class placement. 

Ages 4-6.  No previous training. Emphasis is on basic ballet steps and creative movement.

Ballet I
Ages 6-8. Basic ballet technique.

Ballet II
Ages 7-10.  Beginner-intermediate. 1-2 years prior training. 

Ballet III
Ages 9-12. Intermediate. 3-5 years prior training. 

Ballet IV
By invitation.  Intermediate with 5-6 years prior training. 

Ballet V
By invitation. Intermediate - Advanced. 

Pointe I
Ages 11-up. By invitation. Students who are ready to begin pointe work (no earlier than age 11) will begin with basic technique and strengthening work. Ballet technique class required in addition to pointe.

Pointe II
By invitation. Advanced class in pointe technique. Ballet technique class required in addition to pointe.

Senior Company Class
By invitation. Advanced class with emphasis on ballet technique.  

Ages 11 and up. Beginner-intermediate.

Adult Ballet (Beg. and Int.)
Age 14 and up.